Medical Supplies to Hospitals, Clinics, Laboratories, Physician Offices, Agriculture and Industry

Equipments, Consumables, Disposables, Rapid Tests, Laboratory Reagents, Home Healthcare Devices and more

Prisma is focused on distribution of leading brands of diagnostic and therapeutic systems for use by healthcare professionals and industrial laboratories

About us

We don't need to guarantee the quality of the items we sell.
Our suppliers' reputation speaks for itself.

PRISMA – Indústria e Saúde, Lda. was founded in January 2008 by a team of professionals with extensive experience in the area of supplying medical and hospital supplies, as a result of the market challenges that require prompt, organized and professional responses to meet the needs of different sectors of the Business Sector, Non-Governmental Organizations and State Entities..

Today, with the firm purpose of better serving our customers and their increasingly diverse and demanding needs, PRISMA is equipped with the appropriate Human, Technical and Logistic resources to meet the new and constant challenges of the national and international market.

As a result of our positioning, we are today Exclusive Distributors or Agents for Mozambique, in partnership, of renowned brands, such as:

  • CAPP, Liquid handling equipment: world's first manual 64-channel pipette, wide range of single & multichannel manual & electronic pipettes (Germany)
  • CHEM-LAB, Laboratory Reagents and Consumables (Belgium)
  • HIMEDIA LABORATORIES, Reagents, Materials and Consumables for Laboratories, Veterinary Industry, Soil and Fertilizer Analysis and others (India)
  • LESSA, Record Papers and Accessories for ECG and Defibrillators (Spain)
  • MEDBONE BIOMATERIALS, Synthetic bone for human and veterinary use (Portugal)
  • NORMAX - FÁBRICA DE VIDROS CIENTÍFICOS, Laboratory Glassware Materials and Consumables (Portugal)
  • PENLON, Anesthesia, Monitoring, Oxygen Therapy and other equipment (United Kingdom)
  • ROSSMAX INTERNATIONAL, Blood Pressure Monitors, Sphygmomanometers, Stethoscopes, Oximeters, and other equipment (Switzerland)
  • seca, Medical Measuring Systems and Scales (Germany)

In order to serve the needs and expectations of our customers, PRISMA defined its policy according to the following parameters:

  • Supply of material, consumables and hospital and laboratory equipment,
  • Supply of equipment and farming tools,
  • Provision of school furniture,
  • Provision of equipment to support populations in emergencies and victims of natural disasters.

In this context, we constantly provide our employees with the enrichment of their knowledge and personal and professional training.

PRISMA aims to be a reference company supported by its portfolio of clients, national and international.

Our priority values are:

  • Well serve the customer,
  • Seriousness and Honesty in relationships,
  • Quality of Services and Products.

In the area of Health Services we have:

  • Supply of Hospital Consumables,
  • Disposable material,
  • Hygiene and cleaning products,
  • Consumables for suture, anesthesia, aerosol, etc.,
  • Supply of Laboratory Consumables and Reagents,
  • Collection material for analysis,
  • Rapid diagnostic tests,
  • Collection containers for incineration,
  • Tests for testing alcohol and drugs,
  • Chemicals for water purification,
  • Hospital Equipment,
  • Laboratory Equipment,
  • Diagnostic equipment,
  • Medical-surgical equipment,
  • Sterilization equipment,
  • Furniture and Lighting,
  • Kitchen and laundry equipment.

In the area of Agriculture, we attend requests for:

  • Laboratory material, equipment and consumables,
  • Agricultural equipment, machinery and accessories,
  • Reagents.

Also in the Education area, we have:

  • School supplies and furniture for schools and boarding schools.

To respond to cases of Humanitarian Emergencies and Natural Disasters, we provide:

  • Emergency kits, first aid, accommodation, hygiene and health.

In all of these areas, we ensure:

  • Equipment Technical Maintenance,
  • Assembly and Installation of equipment,
  • Quality Control.

Our suppliers are chosen very carefully and come from countries of reference in their respective areas, with a special emphasis on Science and Research.

In Europe:

  • Austria,
  • Belgium,
  • Denmark,
  • Finland,
  • Germany,
  • Ireland,
  • Italy,
  • Portugal,
  • Spain,
  • Sweden,
  • Switzerland,
  • United Kingdom.

In America:

  • Brasil,
  • Canada,
  • United States of America.

In Africa:

  • Kenya,
  • Mozambique,
  • South Africa.

In Asia:

  • China,
  • India,
  • Japan,
  • South Korea,
  • Taiwan.

The Management of Prisma – Indústria e Saúde, Lda. is committed to the permanent professional and technical training of our teams and to the development of organizational methods geared towards continuous evolution and improvement, which allow us to satisfy the needs of our customers.

We are registered as suppliers to the Mozambican State at UFSA (Unidade Funcional de Supervisão das Aquisições).


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Rossmax International


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Our mission:
Guarantee a supply of medical and clinical tools that meet the expectations and needs of our customers, bringing them added value to their business and, at the same time, becoming a company with a relevant contribution to the development of technological capabilities in the area.

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